Waterfall Braid

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out my website and new blog page! Well, this is my first blog post. So please forgive me if this is a little choppy. ;)

Anyways, I’ve been seeing that braids are now coming back! They’re simplistic, adorable, and can be worn for any season, attire, or event. This braid in particular, the “waterfall braid” is a cool accent to anyone’s hair style.

My friend Nikki gave me the idea, and let me capture the cool effects of this braid! ENJOY!

I love how the pieces cascade down. These braids can be done so many different ways: thrown up into a quick up-do, princess locks, made into a braid tiara, etc. Come see me to get one :) They’re so fun! Oh, and thanks to my model and dear friend Nikki!
Keep checking in for more trends and hair designs I am currently doing, learning, or loving!

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