Bangs Studio Services Policies & Guidelines

Our guidelines help make sure everyone’s visit at Bangs Studio is a pleasurable and memorable one J

The salon policies are a useful resource for our clients to refer to as a guide to the operational policies of Bangs Studio.  Our goal is to ensure every client enjoys the environment, atmosphere, and experience.

Product Refunds

Any unused, unopened product can be returned for a full refund within 7 days of purchase. After 7 days, returns will accepted at the salon owner’s discretion. Once a hair piece, extension bundle, or hair extension product has been purchased it cannot be returned for a refund for any reason. We give refunds in form of check or a chargeback to your credit card. We do not give cash refunds.

Product Returns/Exchanges

Returns on products are not applicable. Exchanges must be made within 14 days of purchase and cannot be more than 25% used.

Redo/Refund Policy for Salon Services:

If you are not satisfied with a service you have received, please notify the salon owner, Lindsey Rees immediately prior to leaving.  We would like the opportunity to redo the service prior to your departure from the salon. For any redo, we allow the client up to 7 days to let us know and 5 days after that to get the matter fixed. After 12 days, redos will be accepted at owner’s discretion. We do not offer refunds on services. No exceptions.

Late Arrival

Please arrive early or on time for your appointment.  We cannot guarantee service for late arrivals over 15 minutes. In most cases, we will have to reschedule you or possibly abbreviate the intended services.  For services requiring a deposit, we will not refund your deposit if we are unable to serve you due to late arrival. We can however reschedule your appointment.


We ask that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to keep your appointment. Cancellations made with less than 24 hour notice will be considered a no show.

No Show Policy

Please be courteous and cancel if change your mind. There will be a $50 no show fee charged on your next visit in order to compensate your stylist for lost revenue.


To ensure the safety of our employees and clients, we ask that if you must bring your children to your appointment that they please be well behaved.  Children who are in the salon may never be left alone and must be supervised at all times by their parents.  Our stylist and salon staff have no responsibility in terms of the welfare of the child’s safety.  Bangs Studio cannot be held liable for the supervision of children in the salon nor potential injuries or damages. In the event of your child breaking something in the salon, the parent/supervisor of the child will be liable for damages and paying the full cost of the broken item(s).


Bangs Studio accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Gift Cards and Cash.  Payment for services must be made prior to leaving the salon. For security reasons, payments will be collected beginning one hour prior to closing.

Please make note that we do not accept checks.


Our salon pricing does not include gratuities. At your discretion gratuities are always happily accepted.

Hair Extension and Wedding Consultations

All new hair extension and wedding clients must receive a free consultation before or during their first service appointment.  During this consultation the stylist will determine hair needs, and pricing.  If the stylist has availability on the day of consultation, the client may receive services.  If the appointment is booked for a future date, a deposit will be required for appointment.  Deposits are non-refundable once product has been ordered/ wedding has been booked.  This applies for no show appointments and/or cancellations of hair extensions and wedding appointments.

Hair Color and Extension Policies and Warranty

Here at Bangs Studio, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products and service.  For some hair services, you will need to purchase required care products and come in for scheduled maintenance to be eligible for our hair color/extension warranty.

We stand by work and guarantee that all hair installs and colors will be done properly.  We will gladly correct any workmanship issues within 7 days.  There are no refunds available for hair colors or  extensions.

Removal/ Color Corrections

We recommend our professional stylist fix your hair color or remove hair extensions/ fix hair install to ensure the removal/coloring process is done correctly.  Hair extensions removed by third parties outside the salon will result in void of the warranty. Hair colors fixed by other third parties outside the salon will result in a void of the warranty. Bangs Studio is not responsible for any damage to hair caused hair color/extension removal done by parties other than professional stylist at Bangs Studio. Again, if client chooses to go to a third party salon for any changes, Bangs Studio is not liable.


Regular maintenance is required on all hair colors and extensions. Maintenance ensures your hair extensions and/or color is properly maintained to ensure longevity and performance.  If you choose not to book for regular maintenance, we can not ensure the best quality of your service.

Bangs Studio is a full service luxury salon. We specialize in master level services including cuts, color, high-end make-up, keratin treatments, facial waxing, beautiful weddings, and impeccable styling.  We also specialize in high quality hair extensions to add volume and length.  We have a tremendous level of experience and training that will help you take your look to the next level, promote comfortable change, and ensure client happiness.

We offer exclusive amenities for our clients including a one-on-one atmosphere, complimentary water, wine, coffee/tea, enjoyable music, a nice waiting area, as well as complimentary Wi-Fi to surf the web during services.

Our hair extension, styling, cut and coloring methods are innovative, fresh and unlike anything seen in the area. Our focus is to not just promote beautiful hair, but a healthy lifestyle. This is led by the high quality products we carry to ensure, color, damage, volume, and smooth management for our lovely clients. We assure you that any service or product that you receive from Bangs Studio will not only be high quality, but also be a fun and enjoyable experience. Book online today to schedule an appointment!