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Lindsey Rees

Bangs Studio Colorado Springs

Lindsey Rees is a salon owner/stylist at Bangs Studio, inside the Phenix Salon Suites. With 10 years of experience, she has a strong background in hair & make-up artistry. She has an ongoing love affair with anything artsy, creative, and eclectic. She finds herself to be inspired by her mother, latest beauty trends, fashion & her love for people.

“I am inspired by people. I always want to help people feel beautiful and creative in their own diverse way. I have an addiction to textures; geometric shapes, loose textures, etc. I enhance people with the cut of my blade, stroke of my magic color wand, or swipe of a make-up brush. I attain a look, not a theme.. Each client should feel they are still themselves with a splash of glitz and glamour. One of my favorite elements to my career is the listening to my clients, individually and carefully. It keeps me intrigued, conscious, and aware; allowing the alignment of my client’s must-haves, and my creative vision to be the foundation that makes every job fresh & inspirational to the fullest. Creating beauty, for me, is finding a chemistry with every client and building his/her own look from the inside out. Goal? to make every lady feel “it’s a good hair day” confidence!”- Lindsey

She loves knowledge you can take from her chair into your bathroom. Lindsey strongly encourages continuing education. With an intense passion for creativity and deep love for design, she is savvy with up-to-date trends and new styles. Lindsey is an avid learner for creation, molding, shaping, and color dimensions. With her innovative & fresh outlook on life, she’s willing to accept any challenge that comes her way. Book an appointment with Lindsey to get your beautiful, iconic look!